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Here are some great examples of the process that I have come up with to best descale an engine and clean out Barnacles

I try to go as close to the sea cock and impeller as possible to get the maximum cleaning effect and chemical flow. 
First, I close the sea cock so the chemical does not escape. I gently remove the impeller without damaging it. If it is in good condition or has been recently changed, I will inspect and return also. Impellers can be provided if needed. Over the years, I have acquired most of the most popular impeller covers for CAT, MAN, DETROIT DIESEL, CUMMINS ,YANMAR and  VOLVO.

  I have a one inch through hull on the inside of most covers to complete the circulation process. I also make covers out of starboard if I don't have the plate. Also in the case of some engines that have bronze impellers I inject the chemical into a service port zinc hole or I have all of the Groco or Perco strainer covers with a one inch hose connection to circulate the chemical.  

Next I take the hose off of the exhaust riser and I place a pipe inside the hose with a one inch hose connected to my pump and a fifteen gallon drum of Chemical . I like to circulate the chemical in the opposite direction of the normal flow. The going against the grain of the scale has a better treatment and also will take any debris in the engine and empty it into my drum. The procedure removes the broken zinc or remains of a broken impeller that is stuck in the engine from a previous failure. With the reversed flow all of the little impeller pieces that were once clogging the coolers are now removed.

  Then I remove all of the zincs in the engine and place caps on the zinc holes. I will be providing the engine with fresh zincs at the end of the cleaning process, so it is the best to remove them before the process is started.

  I also close off any saltwater feeds to stuffing boxes, stabilizers or steering coolers. Since this is a closed loop system and the chemical has to circulate through all coolers in the saltwater system engine heat exchangers, transmission coolers and fuel coolers restoring for four hours to factory new. As the last step before I flush the system with fresh water I reconnect the stuffing box stabilizer or steering cooler to clean out the scale or barnacles in those systems.

  When I do a full service job I take the leftover chemical  and treat the generator and the air conditioner systems with the leftover chemical at no cost to the owner.

With The Chemical Run through the generator systems and replacing the generator zinc in the process Plus Cleaning the air conditioner or saltwater chiller system the removing of any scale built up in those systems Will Greatly Reduce Future probelms  This non invasive cleaning process Not needing to remove heat exchanger bundles or mechanical teardown. And one day service will Not have your boat down for Weeks. Common Results Have reducd engine-transmission temperatures 2 to 10 degrees. Also safe biodegradable marine descaler will not damage hoses, seals, thermostats or solder connections, like some acid cleaners.    The best part is: we Come to you .  
                      All major credit cards accepted. No need to run the engine for procedure.

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